"This book deconstructs the profound experience that illness has on a relationship, and uses stories and personal sagas that allow the reader to identify with the experience. After moving through the immediate phase, it offers ideas and illustrations that help to guide couples in finding the resilience within their relationships to deal with this profound situation. The book is both holding and empowering."
Carolyn Bernstein M.D.
Clinical Director, Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians, Comprehensive Headache Center
Staff Physician, Depts. of Anesthesia and Neurology, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Assistant Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School

"What a wonderful book. It will be the first book I offer to all who seek my assistance when they are in a crisis of any kind, not only those caused by health concerns. The transcendent power of well-told stories cannot be overstated and the authors have been masterful. Not only a well-written, eminently readable, and thorough resource for couples, it is also an excellent help for all who care about those who are in crisis. Bravo and thank you!"
Rev. Ron Burns, M.Div., Pastor
Tri-City Presbyterian Church, Myrtle Creek OR

"Many medical conditions (especially chronic pain, my area of interest) are framed as biopsychosocial processes.  In current clinical practice and education, this framing places greatest emphasis upon biology, some on psychology and little on the social aspects of pain.  Patients, families and effective practitioners, however, know better: disrupted social, family and particularly spousal relationships are at the core of the experience of illness.  Recovery cannot occur without supporting or healing these relationships.  This practical guide – built upon the authors’ personal illness narratives and resilience -- helps couples and providers of patient-centered care place patients and their loved ones at the center of a successful healing process.

Congratulations to Barbara Kivowitz and Roanne Weisman for completing this welcome guide."
Daniel B. Carr, MD
Director, Tufts Program on Pain Research, Education and Policy

"Using stories of real couples the authors take the reader in a moving and inspirational journey exploring the trials and triumphs that couples face when disaster strikes. When a stroke, an accident, or a slowly debilitating illness turns their world upside down couples find themselves in unchartered territory, as they face the most profound challenge of their lives. The topic is difficult, there are no easy answers and the authors do not sugarcoat the harsh realities, yet their ultimate message is one of hope, a validation of the power of love and of the human spirit. Thought provoking and artfully crafted this book addresses an often-neglected and ignored reality of our lives. "
Ayis Antoniou
Administrative Director Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, Harvard University
"In Sickness As In Health explores the intersection of illness and relationships. The expert advice and compelling stories that Kivowitz and Weisman shareprovide a window into a world that many of us may experience. It offers us insightful and important perspectives on how couples cope when their lives enter the challenging new terrain of illness. "
Marjorie U. Sokoll
Director of Jewish Healing Connections, Jewish Family & Children’s Service of Greater Boston